January 7 to February 11

A six-week series of partnered social dance classes
held at the First United Methodist Church, downtown Palo Alto
(only 12 minutes from campus by bike, 8 minutes by car)

Taught by Richard Powers with Rocky Aikens

   A Beginner's Guide to TANGO ARGENTINO  

 7 pm   This is Couple Dancing premiere, finally, after fourteen years. 
  Argentine tango is loved for its beauty, drama and connection. 
  Tango doesn't need to be hard.  In this class, it makes sense.
  Both beginners and experienced dancers will enjoy this course.


 8 pm   Waltz, reverse, redowa, the Kirov waltz variations, and more!
  This is the best preparation for the Stanford Viennese Ball.
  Prerequisite: For those who know a waltz of any kind.  

   The Fast Track to CLUB SALSA 

 9 pm   Get started then get fancy! We'll start with the basics, then add
  easy variations, and work up to downright impressive moves.
  Intermediate/advanced level, but we take it from the beginning.

Rocky and Richard

      $35 for students    $50 for non-students    for each of the 3 courses.

      Each of the three courses includes six Tuesday night classes.

      Take one, two, or all three courses (7, 8 and/or 9 pm).

      Once you've made the drive, stay for a second or third class!
      Three of these classes costs as much as one at most ballroom studios.

      Come with or without a partner.

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For further information, e-mail richard (at) richardpowers (dot) com